Introducing BitUniverse’s Wallet Imports, Pie Chart & Coin Market Cap

As ever it’s been a real busy time for us at BitUniverse. We’ve been keeping an eye on our Feature Requests and Telegram Chat over the past couple of months and we’ve added some real neat features that you guys voted for. It’s been a while since I last got a chance to show off what we’ve been doing, so here are just a few of the things we added to make your crypto life just a little bit easier.


Whenever we add a new feature to BitUniverse, our aim is to create something that will increase the efficiency and utility of our app, giving users more time to enjoy their lives instead of staring at their phones. We were super happy when this user suggested feature topped our feedback requests as it’s something perfectly in line with these ideals — we now support the ability to add the coins located inside a wallet directly to your BitUniverse portfolio!


The market cap for a particular coin is a great indicator for much demand a coin has, which can be a huge factor to consider when you’re buying or selling. We’ve added our own market cap column in the Watchlist so that you can have cap, price, and ranking information all in one place.


We want you to keep seeing those walls of green prices for many years to come, so we’ve added a new option in our settings to turn on Night Mode, which will change our UI into this sexy darker color scheme. It not only looks cool, but it has health benefits too! Night Mode doesn’t bombard your eyes with bright light at night, which helps your brain relax and eases you into sleep. It can also reduce painful eye strain that you may experience when you suddenly view light in dark environments.


For the heavy and risky traders out there, you’ve probably got a whole lot of dust hanging around in your portfolio. These are coins that are basically worthless, but if you have many of them it can be a pain to delete them one by one, or you may still want to keep them around because you believe they’re going to become valuable one day.


If you’re lucky enough to be holding hundreds of coins it can be hard to see at a glance what’s making up the bulk of your assets. We’ve added these new pie charts to your portfolio screen that will give you a breakdown of all your coins and exchanges. Cool, eh?


We have a lot more coming in the next few weeks, including fully customizable alerts (including custom ringtones), support for multiple portfolios, order book info, support for more exchanges and coins, and a few special secret projects ;)