BitUniverse is the leading all-in-one cryptocurrency portfolio manager and trading terminal in the world. With BitUniverse, you’ll enjoy an easier investment life due to our amazing functions, auto-tracking the balance and profit of your portfolio using API Key, checking realtime market price, analyzing the candlestick charts with 22 indicators, and also trading multiple exchanges using BitUniverse without switching from one client to another.

We have hit 1 Million users, and rank #1 in the Asia market, such as Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc. We also get the score of 4.72/5 reviewed by about 7000 people on Google Play, which is the highest among all crypto portfolio apps.

We’re now inviting cryptocurrency projects to enroll our coming new service called “BitUniverse Link” and the released feature “CoinPedia”, with which you can provide your users the latest news and official introduction of your project.

BitUniverse Link is our upcoming news service where team can push their latest news to BitUniverse users. We’ll push notifications to your followers whenever you upload your content to our server. Or you can also provide your medium account and we can grab the content and push them automatically to your followers.

Mockup of BitUniverse Link page (will be released soon)
Mockup of BitUniverse Link page (will be released soon)

CoinPedia provides your supporters with detailed introduction of your project, including circulating supply, market value, ICO status, website info, etc. With CoinPedia, all users on BitUniverse can learn more details about your projects.

Screenshot of CoinPedia for Ethereum (as an example)

Joining BitUniverse Link and CoinPedia will provide you the ability to connect directly with 1M users on BitUniverse. This will not only save the promotion budget, but also let your fans know the latest project process in the very first stage.

By the way, it’s totally free to join us. The only thing to do is to tweet with your official twitter and do some mutual promotion in the communities(such as telegram groups, medium pages, etc.) to let both of our supporters knows you are now on BitUniverse!

How to join

If you are interested in the BitUniverse Link service, please fill in this form:


Invite Top100 Cap team to join BitUniverse Link and you’ll get 1000 $BUB

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Now 90+ coins have applied for BitUniverse Link, and 36 of them are Top100 Cap coins, including Tron, BNB, Dash, IOST, DGB, INB, BCD, MITH, HOT, FUN, WAN, Loopring, OKB, Lisk, Nexo, Tron, ELF, etc.


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